The Madrid VAT Forum Foundation is a private, non-profit organisation with the aim of contributing to the development and promotion of research and training in the knowledge of Tax Law, specifically in the field of Value Added Tax (VAT).

The Foundation’s activities comprise the study, analysis and dissemination of opinions on VAT regulations, doctrine, jurisprudence and regulatory developments, with special emphasis on the impact that all this may have on our legal system and the development of proposals on how to improve the operation of VAT for the benefit of a more competitive economy.

In order to achieve its aims, the Foundation will promote and carry out studies, talks, courses, colloquiums and conferences that will be open to the participation of professionals specialised in VAT.

The Foundation also produces, edits and publishes books, journals, manuals, articles and studies on VAT. All this is done through collaboration with public authorities and private institutions whose activities coincide with the aims of the Foundation.